Scam Alerts for Customers

It’s not just the designers who get scammed.   Here are some of the scams I’ve run across where people are taking advantage of the customers.

Scam 1 – Web Hosting Plan used as reseller account.

I recently did a web rework for someone who had bought a $300 web design package, and did not know he had been scammed.  He was quoted a yearly hosting/domain package, but instead of the basic package he needed, they set him up as a reseller and were using his account to host other web sites.  They confused him by having separate businesses handle the domain and hosting.


Own your account with some reputable web host, and know what you need.  You need

1 – An account you control, with your user name on it and password.

2 – You need to purchase yearly domain registration (about $10)

3 – For most websites, a basic package will do, less then $5 a month.

4 – If you have someone designing your site, give them access to everything but your billing information.  Once you site is setup, delete their access and change your password.

5 – If someone is maintaining your website for you, if it’s a wordpress site, they do not need access to your hosting/domain account.  They can make changes through wordpress.


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