Author Services

Unlike a traditional or vanity publishing house, Sombrillo Studios Author Services focuses on letting authors self-publish by assisting them only with the areas in which they need help.

Need help Editing?

  • Baseline:  Correcting errors in spelling, grammar, and style
  • Standard:  Baseline plus check for consistent style, with minor rewriting
  • Substantive: Baseline plus Standard plus deeper rewriting, including rewriting sentences, changing from passive to active voice, or reorganizing paragraphs
  • Developmental:  Working with the author to develop a manuscript from concept, outline, or draft, or making suggestions about content and organization

How about Layout and Formatting?

  • Kindle, epub and PDF for ebooks
  • Paperback
  • Large Print

Presentation? We’ve got you Covered!

  • Book Design and Covers
  • Author Bio
  • Book Blurbs
  • Book Description

Want us to Publish it for you?

  • Amazon, Kindle and Paperback versions
  • iBooks, Nook, Barns & Nobel
  • Create Author Central pages
  • even make your book available to Libraries!

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